Monday 3 August 2015

Clouds, Raindrops.
One of my favourite motifs and patterns to draw and explore, possibly because I live in England.  Saffron skies cloud scarf is available here,  Saffron skies cloud cushion is a limited edition available exclusively online click here for more information. The Turquoise and saffron wallpaper will be coming soon.

Tuesday 14 July 2015

I always have my head in a book, I love the look feel and even smell! of old books, I collect them and their stories are a huge part of why I produce the type of work I do.  I search for stories to inspire my work at antique and vintage fairs up and down the country, hoping to discover hidden Gems that have perhaps been forgotten.  A friend of mine suggested that others may be interested in this, in response I thought I would blog each week about what I find and the work I produce as a result.
The Dreaming tree ( a folk tale from brazil)
Inspired both my print, " Dreaming Tree" and wallpaper, "Jaguar Man"
I always start with drawing and painting, I make several of these sheets before making decisions regarding what the final will look like. For more details or to buy click

Monday 17 September 2012

"The Drawing room" bye for now

THe Drawing room - 2

 Thank you to all who came along and joined in the doodling.

The live doodle taking place at the" Drawing room"

The Drawing Room- 1 The beginning

   A group of illustrators including myself known as "The Circus of Illustration," were proud to win a mini commission for our interactive exhibition proposal , "The Drawing room" We invited people to come and be illustrators with us for the day and cover our drawing room set with doodles.
It is part of the We are Bedford empty shop project and supported by the RSA.

 A few shots of the Drawing room all painted and papered white before the event, ready for doodles!

Circus of illustration Badges ready to go.

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