Tuesday, 14 July 2015

I always have my head in a book, I love the look feel and even smell! of old books, I collect them and their stories are a huge part of why I produce the type of work I do.  I search for stories to inspire my work at antique and vintage fairs up and down the country, hoping to discover hidden Gems that have perhaps been forgotten.  A friend of mine suggested that others may be interested in this, in response I thought I would blog each week about what I find and the work I produce as a result.
The Dreaming tree ( a folk tale from brazil) http://spiritoftrees.org/the-dreaming-tree
Inspired both my print, " Dreaming Tree" and wallpaper, "Jaguar Man"
I always start with drawing and painting, I make several of these sheets before making decisions regarding what the final will look like. For more details or to buy click lovatt-uk.com

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